Complex Solutions

Complex Solutions

Process of solving complex applications

The Heron Control Systems implements the most advanced methodology to approach finding the best techno-economic solutions for customer applications.

Understanding-communication and integration of customers in this process, according to the experience and principles, it is necessary for a successful outcome with both time and money.

We follow faithfully 7 Steps to all levels of the composition and implementation, from the choice of materials, industrial application, software development as technology integration for the successful construction - commissioning and outcome of the project.


Defining requirements with interviews competent technical production staff, maintenance operators to design a system to the concrete needs of the customer which is not limited to this, but also foresees future needs.


After examining all the data gathered, the client receives the proposal aims, at an optimum of the techno-economic solution, for the automation project.


After awarding proposals are made to adapt to customer's specific needs or unforeseen necessary changes, that allows the planning framework.


Physical construction - Schematic development - software development-design and application - Documentation and labeling.


Ensure that the technical and operational requirements of the customer overlap. 24 h automatic monitoring of function by recording data for errors and to identify areas that could cause problems in full production. Troubleshooting and repair malfunctions in complete compliance with the specifications.


Installing the system with operator, maintenance and training supervisor. The machine is operated with a staff of Heron on-site to properly install and facilitate the necessary changes.


Providing long-term support. Heron CS believes that this ensures the customer and demonstrates its commitment to this by building a relationship of trust and confidence. All automation machinery by Heron is equipped with remote communication capabilities for direct detection and troubleshooting. The Heron provides reliable support without high costs for the entire life of the equipment, telephone and / or on-site presence.