Heron of AlexandriaFor the selection of our name HERON, inspired us the great inventor and engineer of Antiquity: Heron of Alexandria.....

Heron of Alexandria was an engineer and geometer. He lived in Alexandria about the 1st BC or 1st AD century. The most famous invention is the “aiolosfaira” or steam turbine, the first locomotive in history. He was director of the prestigious Higher Technical School of Alexandria, the first technical university which was founded in the Museum for engineers. Said to follow the theory of atoms and Mechanical Drafting Philo. Ctesibius ideas were based on some of his works. He was known as Heron Ctesibius (as a student, probably, the great mathematician and inventor Ctesibius) and Heron Engineer.

In Heron assigned inventions multiple controllers feedback mechanisms operating with water, heat and compressed air in various combinations and construction of the first programmable analog computer with a complex system of gear shafts dotted with dowels and tied with ropes on their edges have weights (sandbags sand emptied from time to time) and used in the operation of the automatic theater.

Some examples:

Pneumatica, a description of machines working on air, steam or water pressure, including the hydraulic or water organ.

Automata, a description of machines which enable wonders in temples by mechanical or pneumatical means (e.g. automatic opening or closing of temple doors, statues that pour wine, etc.).

Mechanica, preserved only in Arabic, written for architects, containing means to lift heavy objects.

From Wikipedia: http://el.wikipedia.org/.

Watch a simulation for automatic opening-closing door in temples, with switching-off of fire altars, respectively: http://www.realschule.bayern.de/lehrer/dokumente/untmat/ph/heron/heron_erkl.htm.

Heron's Steam Machine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDABtbUXzYs.