Saving Energy

Compressed air

The industry in Greece participates in energy consumption by more than 1/5 of total consumption.

Far below the developed industrialized countries.


The electricity comsumption  in industry remains after oil at high levels (about 30%) and feeds the compressed air production.

Electricity consumption for production of compressed air hovering at around 11 % of all industrial electricity consumption.

So there are many energy- saving potential in the production of compressed air in Industry with small investment and short payback time.

In smal - medium Industries is  possible savings of 17%, with low cost and with an average payback period 2 years.

Case studies have shown that concrete actions can yield savings in electricity by 30% and 60 %.

The Heron CS with extensive experience in pneumatic automation, offers an energy saving program in production and distribution, so that the investment required to promptly depreciation, increase productivity, lifecycle of equipment, but also the reduction of injuries.

1-Needs Analysis in compressed air.

2-Possibly identify improper use of compressed air.

3-leaks of compressed air.

4-Pressure drop and pressure control system

5-Control and monitoring system.

6-Compressed air storage and quality

7-Proven opportunities replacements and repairs at component level and materials.

8-Maintenance of compressed air surges in demand.

9-Heat recovery

10 - Network and supply lines of compressed air.